One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a property is with interior paint. Not only does it improve the appearance of a commercial building, but it also adds to the brightness and overall ambiance of the facility. Interior painting is a cost-effective way of giving your establishment a facelift, while also protecting the infrastructure. That’s why strategic management of an interior painting service is the key to protecting your property.

The Purposes of Interior Painting

Unlike a home, painting the interior of a commercial building serves many purposes. Aesthetically, interior painting creates a fresher environment that leads to a higher rate of productivity. Employees are excited when they enter the building and the space feels more open.

Economically speaking, painting adds value to a property and if an owner ever wants to sell, they can do so at a much higher price. The return is always more than the cost of the service itself. The right type of paint can also expedite cleaning, which saves on labor.

Depending upon the industry and environment, interior paint can also serve the purpose of protection. Specific paints and primers save from normal wear and tear, discoloration, and chipping. The right treatment, type, and professional painter could mean doubling the life of your paint.

Types of Commercial Paint

The type of primer and paint used on the walls depends on the substrate behind it and the condition it is in. In commercial buildings, the most common interior paint coatings are semi-gloss and gloss in an alkyd or latex resin. Epoxy paints can also be used if your facility requires a more durable and chemically resistant solution. If you intend on pressure washing, then epoxy is typically the best choice.

If the facility walls are bare, we’ll engage qualified professionals who will start with the appropriate primer. This is especially critical for any walls comprised of concrete or cinder blocks. All holes must be filled to ensure no bacteria is allowed to propagate.

Color Considerations

When painting the interior of a commercial building, light colors are always the best option. Additionally, the type of color you choose can also have an impact on the cost. The more tint added to the paint, the more you will need to cover the walls. Darker colors are more expensive per gallon as well.

Accent walls can be fun, but when it comes to keeping people awake and moving, it’s best to stick to a white or cream color. It also reflects the light better, which tends to brighten up a room. Lastly, if an owner ever wants to sell, they will fetch a much higher price with light/neutral-colored walls.

Scheduling Interior Painting Services

The painting process is one that should be planned. That means scheduling is crucial to ensuring the job is done right. City Wide can help you manage the project by identifying peak operation periods and planning accordingly. We’ll arrange times when there are minimal occupants in the building so there is little-to-no disruption of workflow.

Sounds like too much to manage? That’s what we’re here for! City Wide’s experience with interior painting – and 20+ other building maintenance services – makes us a valuable partner for you, one who can save you time and solve your problems. You can trust we hire prime professionals with the latest tools to get the job done properly every time. Not only will you have more time to do what you do best, but you will have peace of mind knowing top industry work is always being performed.